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Refund Policy

NO EXCEPTIONS will be made to this policy. 

All REFUNDS will be issued over our bill payment system or via the CC processing company refund system directly. 

After January 1, 2021, please see the refund policy below.

Standard Refund Policy

Your acceptance of a position on our teams by paying your down payment is also your acceptance of our refund policy

By paying the down payment, you understand and agree that you are potentially taking a roster spot from another young person.  While this is Park and Rec type lacrosse [not select] we only have a limited number of spaces on our teams in order to keep our player to coach ratio in line - as well as support playing time and development.

Please note that these policies are set in place to protect the integrity of the program as well as the other players on the team.  They are not meant to be punitive.  Many of the events we enter must be paid for at times months in advance.  Keep in mind that your player fee:  Reserves our spot in certain tournaments, Team uniform, Field Rental and Lights, Field Lining with Paint, Grass Cutting, Goals and Nets, Lacrosse Balls, Club Insurance, Club Accident Insurance, Team Website, Coaches Gear, Scholarship, Training Tools...etc. 


We will not refund your player fee (or other fees) UNLESS:

A: Injury:  We receive the appropriate documentation (physician statement) of an injury that will prevent you from playing (the whole season) during a given season.  This request must be made before our 1st scheduled team practice.  We will subtract any expenses we may have incurred as a program including but not limited to uniform..etc.

B:  Moving out of State:  You move out of state prior to the start of our first scheduled practice.  We will subtract any expenses we may have incurred as a program including but not limited to uniform..etc. 

PLEASE NOTE:  The acceptance of the documentation of injury and/or a family move is up to the sole discretion of the club and not what a person may feel is acceptable proof.  You may also receive a prorated amount if the proof is deemed acceptable.

Any fees are non-transferable and no refunds will be given for practices or tournaments missed regardless of the cause. We will not return any credit card interest charges and/or and fees that we may have been charged by a 3rd party vendor when accepting your CC payment.

C:  No offering:  Should a RedHawks team be cancelled due to lack of players and no academy type offer is made by the Gainesville RedHawks, we will refund your money minus any expenses were have incurred on your behalf.

D. Covid:  Should a Redhawks team/season be cancelled, without a restart date or academy offering, ONLY 14U players in 8th grade may receive a partial refund based upon expenses to be paid and already paid. All other players will receive a credit for next year on their accounts only.