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MUST READ:  Boys Lacrosse 

If you buy a poor stick, expect poor results.  There are tons out there to choose from.  We only recommend 1 stick.  With the advancement in technology over the past few years, we have found the "Stringking" to make the best sticks.  If you are NEW to the game, buy a complete Stringking Stick. It will work on day 1 and takes zero expertise to break in. 

String King Sticks

We recommend the "Complete 2 Junior" for 10 and Under.

We recommend the "Complete 2 Intermediate" for up to 15 years old.


Remember, if your son hates his stick and can't use it, he won't play very long.  If he loves it, greatness awaits.



We recommend an ALL White Helmet color for many reasons.  Cascade is the preferred brand.  Any sports store should carry them.  Dicks Sporting Goods OR do a Google search.  The Cascade XR-S is an excellent helmet but if your player has a bigger head, you may need to move up.  The helmet is important. VERY important. Spend wisely.  


Gloves, shoulder pads and elbow pads.  Some places sell starter kits. You should only have a starter kit for those under 10.  Over 10 probably should look for more protection.

Please see the picture above.  You must have everything there to compete.


6”  - XX Small
8”  - X Small
10” - Small
12” - Medium
13” - Large

X-Small (Under 70lbs)
Small (71lbs-90lbs)
Medium (91lbs-140lbs)
Large (141+lbs)