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Lady Hawks 1st - 5th Grade Team(s) - Gainesville RedHawks Lacrosse

We are excited to offer Gainesville's first-ever recreational-based girls’ lacrosse team for grades 1st to 5th grade.  We are thrilled that you are joining us!  To play, you will need lacrosse eye goggles and a girl's lacrosse stick.  (All can be purchased at Dicks Sporting Goods.)  We also recommend highly purchasing cleats. 

The Lady Hawks season will go from the last week in Feb 26 to the last week in April.

Girls:   1st to 5th grades

Practice times:   Tuesday and Thursday 6:15 pm to 7:15 pm.  (Check your TeamSnap App) 

 Location:  Oak Hall School - Practice Fields (Behind Elementary School)

There will be about 16 practices over a 3-month period.  We may go on a Sunday afternoon in the event of a cancellation.  All of our practices will take place at Oak Hall School – Unless we have to move a practice for whatever reason.

February:   26 (Sun) - Kick Off!  Time TBA , 28 (Tues) 

We will NOT practice or play from March 13th to March 18th        

March:  2, 7, 9, 21, 23, 28, 30

April:    4, 6, 12, 18, 20, 25, 27         


Jamborees or Tournaments:

The RedHawks youth lacrosse organization has been around for 10-plus years on the boy’s side.  This is our first time offering recreational-based youth girls lacrosse.  While it is an exciting time, there are many hurdles that we must overcome together.  We would LOVE to do what we have done with the boy’s side but we need to take baby steps.  We plan to communicate directly with the parents as we plan and look for other elementary-based teams to play.  Most will be in Jacksonville.  We will try to play 2 times over in Jacksonville in the months of March and April and play multiple games in one day. There is NO overnight stay requirement.  We have to schedule with these teams directly and we want to play multiple games in one day.  Our mission is the train our girls up and give them some teams to compete against!  We will keep open lines of communication but for now, we don’t have any jamboree dates set. Stay tuned!



While we understand that traveling is often viewed as an inconvenience for parents/coaches, this requirement is necessary in order to provide our players with the best possible competitive experience.  As mentioned above, we will start slowly.

Please keep in mind that we are supported exclusively by player fees.  These player fees cover:   website costs, program insurance, TeamSnap, boxes of balls, goals, nets, lining the fields, coaches (as needed), field rentals, uniforms, tournament fees, tournament ref fees, field lighting fees, accounting fees, etc. 

If you need a different payment plan (after you pay the down payment) please let us know within 48 hours of registering. 

The total cost is:  $175.  

PLEASE NOTE:  Our schedule and contact information will be loaded onto our TeamSnap App once you are assigned to a team.  Please print out the schedule below in the meantime.